Luchtfoto van dorre land

Faux marbres, Faux bois, Trompe l'œil directly inspired by nature...

Greet Vandewynckele

Master decorative painter 





I always had a passion for art and craftsmanship. I started with evening classes “drawing” at the art school Saint-Lucas in Ghent.

Meanwhile, I worked as a therapist in a psychiatric institute where I established an art studio for its clients.

Soon thereafter, however, I chose to focus more on what I really wanted to achieve and earned my diploma for master painter at the Meylemans Institute.


Over the course of this training I've learned to apply a variety of old techniques to decorate churches, castles and mansions using only high-quality watercolors and oil paints.

accept small and personal projects such as wood-and marble painting, Faux-bronze, turtle and stone, letter painting, "trompe l’oeil" and gilding. 


My portfolio consists of:


  • wood- and marble painting

  • Faux bronze, turtle and stone

  • patinating, gilding and polychromies

  • trompe l’oeil and chinoiserie

  • gilding and letter painting



CV / Art Studies

  • Graduated in ergotherapy

  • Evening classes drawing/sketching at Saint-Lukas Institute Ghent

  • Master painter in fine painting techniques at the Meylemans Institute Kapellen: 1995

  • Recognized Professional artist: CK-2018-05-143





A brief overview of completed assignments. It consists, among other things, of painting paneling in old mansions, wall painting in the hall of a villa and in an old village house.




Mobile: +32 475 79 86 88